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New TV Land Logo

I used to watch TV Land when they played the Brady Bunch for 3 straight hours every day.  Instead of just running old shows, TV Land has ventured into original programming and has redesigned their logo to reflect their new found hipness.  The new logo is better than the old logo and a reboot was definitely necessary.  I don’t like when taglines are incorporated into a new logo.  A logo should be able to stand on its own without a tagline.  Besides, taglines come and go and only represent a temporary point in time of what the brand is trying to do.  The new logo is more compact, but also less recognizable.  I don’t understand why brands think they have to make their logo look ordinary for it to be modern and cool.  I’m glad TV Land retreated from the TV shaped design, but they didn’t have to abandon it completely.  I know they use its shape to cover the words “TV”, but it’s an afterthought.  I would’ve played up the vintage TV look, because vintage always seems to be modern.  I just wish there was an identifying feature of the new logo that made it memorable.  Overall, it’s a fine new logo, but it has lost its charm.

new tvland logo

old tvland logo

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New Michael J. Fox Foundation Logo

This is a tough one.  How do you put down a charitable organization that is trying to help fight against the awful disease of Parkinson’s?  I just have to tell myself that I’m reviewing a logo and not the organization.  I still feel bad though. I mean, I like Michael J. Fox.  Alex Keaton was awesome, even though he was a die-hard republican.  Marty McFly was amazing.  Michael J. Fox was even great in last year’s Curb Your Enthusiasm. But this isn’t about Michael J. Fox.  It’s about his once cool logo that is now lame.  When you have the name “Fox”, it’s hard to have an uncool logo.  The old logo featured the cool abstract fox and put the type below, making a very square logo.  The new logo is sleeker and more compact, but it doesn’t take advantage of the fox outline. There had to be a better way of incorporating the fox into the new logo.  I do like the new Team Fox logo because it seems to work together better.  I also like the two-tone color.  If there was another round of development, I bet this would have ended up as a really cool logo. Instead, it’s very average.  It needs Biff to knock it on the head and ask, “anybody home, Mcfly?

new michael j. fox foundation logo

new team fox logo

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New Lifetime Logo

Remember the days of flipping the TV channels and not knowing what channel you were on?  You either had to memorize the channel numbers or eventually you’d see a commercial for the channel to know what it was.  Now, with on screen guides, you can immediately by-pass all the crappy channels that aren’t made for your demographics.  Lifetime is a perfect example.  Whenever I see that script “Lifetime” writing on the Fios guide, my brain tells me to keep pressing the down button.  Occasionally, Lifetime has quality programming. The Amanda Knox story was badass.  The Natalee Holloway movie was pretty good too.  You know what show I’m really into? The Client List.  Well, maybe there are times when I don’t skip over Lifetime, but I don’t want to re-type this damn thing.  On to their new logo - it’s not good.  It kind of looks like remnants of a woman’s period and it primarily is a woman’s network.  Other than that, it’s just a blob of nothing.  It actually reminds me of a cheap Japanese electronics company.  Now, the old logo wasn’t great, but at least you knew what it was.  I don’t mind going abstract, but it has to have some apparent meaning.  Unfortunately, this lackluster logo will now be ingrained in my mind as I’m tivo-ing…um, skipping over The Client List.

new lifetime logo

old lifetime logo

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New Brooklyn Nets Logo

Now this pisses me off.  The N.J. Nets go to Brooklyn.  They don’t change their name.  Fine, I’ll live with that.  But, now they don’t bother to radically change that pathetic logo.  Relocating a team to a new city should breathe life and vitality into the team.  Instead, we get a fresh paint of coat over an old, stale logo.  The NJ Nets suck and have always sucked.  I wanted to think of the Brooklyn Nets as a new team, but now I just think of the crappy Nets with the name Brooklyn in front of them. Apparently, this logo was designed by Jay-Z. Really, Jay-Z?  This is the best you could do?  I know Jay-Z has fashion lines and is deemed “cool”, but this new logo is not cool. It’s not classic.  It’s boring! Jay-Z says the “B” in the basketball is like a “badge”.  Maybe a badge for boring.  This new logo is just lazy.  It looks like it was created by one of those free online logo creators.  I knew I wasn’t going to like the Brooklyn Nets, but now no one else in Brooklyn will either.  Jay-Z, go back to writing shitty song instead of ruining NBA logos.

new brooklyn nets logo

new nj nets logo

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Mohawk New Logo

Paper companies aren’t supposed to do this.  Paper companies are supposed to be boring and rigid.  But if your name is Mohawk, you better be pretty bad ass. The Fine Paper company, Mohawk, just woke up and realized they had a cool name and decided to give themselves a cool logo.  The new logo is supposed to represent paper moving around cylinders, or some bullshit like that.  When I saw it, I thought of color swatches.  Either way, it’s vibrant, fun and energizes the brand.  The old logo is despicable, although that’s probably what a paper company logo should look like.  The next time I need some paper, I’m going to OfficeMax Mohawk.

mohawk new logo

mohawk old logo

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New Houston Cougars Logo

Can someone please put a moratorium on Cat logos?  I don’t know how it started, but using cats as logos/mascots is now out of control.  We get it: lions are ferocious.  So are panthers.  And wildcats.  And Jaguars…FINE. Enough already.  That being said, let’s review another cat logo.  This one comes from the University of Houston.  The logo definitely needed a face lift and the version isn’t bad, if I didn’t already see the same logo already 50 other times.  If you’re going to have a cat logo, be creative.  Do something different.  Lost Letterman astutely described the logo as a cross between K-State’s logo and the TV show, ThunderCats.  The truth is, the new logo is more modern and a bit cooler, but it also makes the school more generic. UH is probably the 18th school that comes to mind when you think of sports in the state of Texas.  It would’ve been nice if they put more effort in making themselves have a memorable cat.  Why not just use a silhouette of a hot, middle age woman?

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New Quaker Oats Logo

The Quaker Oats man got some work done.  Or he lived in the gym for a few months and went on a cleanse.  I’m guessing he went under the needle, because the dude hasn’t aged a bit in 134 years.  The brand is saying that they just took 5 pounds off him, but they’re keeping mum about botox treatments and eye lifts.  In all seriousness, this is a nice move by Quaker.  For crying out loud, right now we’re talking about Quaker Oats.  No one is ever talking about Quaker Oats.  Nice job, Quaker.

new quaker oats logo

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New Miller Genuine Draft 64 Logo

Just like soda, beers have a million different brands.  Coke owns Sprite, Dr. Pepper, Fanta, Dasani…etc.  Miller owns Miller Genuine Draft, Miller High Life, Miller Lite, Old English, Milwaukee’s Best…etc.  What’s the difference between all of those Miller’s?  Who the hell knows.  This Miller guy obviously has very low self esteem and just wants his name in as many places at it will go.  I would prefer more creative beer names, like what Coca-Cola does for its sodas. Since that’s not happening, it would be nice to at least get a creative logo.  For its low calorie brand, Miller 64, Miller went old school.  I do prefer the shortened name, but don’t like how the 64 looks.  I get it that they want to emphasize that it’s only 64 calories, but the “64” is just too big and the font looks dated.  The new logo actually reminds me of cigarette packaging, like Lucky Stripe.  It’s not a terrible new look, but just feels sort of lazy.  It’s like the beer executives said, let’s try to hammer home the low-calorie angle and make it feel like a classic brand.  They could’ve spent more time being creative, but then again, look at all of the beer’s brand names.

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Update: New USA Basketball Logo

A little while ago, we reviewed the new USA Basketball logo. It turns out, that wasn’t the logo,. but just the uniform.  Shouldn’t the official logo be the same as the logo on the uniform?  Good question, but the answer, apparently, is no.  To be fair, recent USA Basketball uniforms didn’t match the official logo, which has finally been updated. I recall the original dream team having the look of the official logo on their uniforms, but the uniforms evolved while the logo didn’t. Until now.  The new logo is a vast improvement from the old logo.  First of all, it actually looks like a logo instead of a billboard.  The red/blue pattern of the “USA” text has remained the same, which I like because it’s always nice to incorporate aspects of older logos. The image of the basketball really rounds out the logo and is a nice touch. I don’t love the star, which just seems unnecessary, and I don’t love the top portion that forms a diamond.  It almost looks like a logo for USA Baseball.  By the way, thank God baseball is no longer an Olympic event.  It’s ok to have boring Olympic events, but none should last as long as a baseball game.  Back to the basketball logo: I would’ve preferred the top section to vaguely look like a backboard. Yes, it would’ve been a little cheesy, but at least it would make a consistent theme.  I got a little picky on this one, but let’s not lose sight of the fact that this logo is a big upgrade from the old logo.  It’s just too bad the team won’t be wearing it prominently on their uniforms.

new usa basketball logo

old usa basketball logo

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New Jaguar Logo

Some people pronounce the car maker, Jaguar, as Jag-u-ar.  To these people, I say, go fuck yourself.  It should be pronounced “jagwar”.  I’m glad we got that out of the way.  Their new logo resembles the emblem on the hood of actual Jaguars that people steal.  Yes, people steal the metal jaguar and why not?  It’s pretty cool.  So it makes sense that this cool attribute about the brand is represented in their logo.  If you think about it, Jaguar was one of the only car manufacturers show had a different logo on their cars compared to how it was promoted. Now, the logo can match the logo on the car.  The new logo shows off the Jaguar’s muscles, which is metaphoric for a car.  I also love the the new font used which really goes well with the logo.  Now that Jaguar has a respectable logo, it’s time they teach their car owners how to pronounce the name of their.   

new jaguar logo

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